Chiropractic Care – The What, How, and Why?


Why Chiropractic Care?

Do you have any neck pain, lower back pain, or a stubborn headache that keeps returning?

If so, you may benefit from a quick and effective diagnosis, and the complementary health care solution offered by Chiropractic Care and Treatment.
In this article we discuss the What, How, and Why of Chiropractic Care as a drug-free and non-invasive system of care. There are many tried and tested, well-documented, and successful processes using Chiropractic Treatment (or Chirocare), which is essentially a form of treatment for your musculoskeletal system, and a form of alternative medicine that is generally considered as a safe option for most people.

Dr Matt Le Roux’s is a specialist Chiropractor who offers you a FREE ONLINE HEALTH SURVEY to help you identify what your needs are and to set your mind at ease.

It’s simple and easy to get started with Chiropractic Treatment, and you can take the survey today as your first step to help regain your wellness.

Let’s start at the beginning: What is Chiropractic Care and is it right for me? 

Here’s the inside lane to tell you everything you need to know about what to expect from your visit to a Chiropractor.

If covid has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain. 

Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace and in our careers and work-lives the new global trend is “work from home”. But, even in this perceived safe environment, life can throw challenges at us: A sudden neck strain, a car accident, a sport injury, and as the years go by, even our age starts creeping up on us with related or dormant injuries that may appear out of nowhere.

Through Covid-enforced isolation protocols, there has been an exponential and international upsurge in the use of digital technology, particularly the use of MOBILE devices. Levels of Online research have never been so high. We now have access to knowledge at a level and pace never seen before. This surge in online research has also created an unintentional surge in associated health problems such as neck pain, spasms, low back pain, and headaches, which can be caused by poor posture and is also directly linked to the time we spend online, sitting (or even standing) in a slouched position for extended periods of time

So, while access to information means that it is, to some extent at least, possible to self-diagnose and find some self-help, at least for first-phase ailments, the best solution is always to seek Qualified Medical Advice from a Specialist Chiropractic Care Provider.

The musculoskeletal system is an intricate network of joints, nerves, and soft tissues that work in harmony when everything is “normal”. But as soon as pains and niggles start creeping up, it may be time to consult your Chiropractor as a qualified health care professional who can help you on the road to recovery and provide you with some well-deserved pain relief.

The questions you may ask is “What is Chiropractic Care and is it safe?”

Well, the answer is a resounding “Yes”!


Chiropractors are qualified and skilled in understanding the root cause of your physical pain, and use a combination of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and complementary Chiropractic Treatments such as alternative medicines and acupuncture to address and resolve your physical pain.

Dr Matt le Roux is a graduate Chiropractor, Sports Scientist and an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) certified functional medicine practitioner. As a primary health care professional who specialises in the spine, joints, muscles, health and the general wellbeing of your body, Matt has developed his unique all-systems FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE approach. This serves to profile you as a WHOLE PERSON, taking a systematic review and consideration of the most important attributes of your lifestyle, such as your physical, mental, and overall health conditions, combined with your environment, and the symptoms and causes that have led to your disease or injury.

This holistic view is the set of keys that will enable you to unlock an understanding of your own unique biology which in turn helps you to set out on the path to recovery and ultimately wellness.

Matt’s science-based approach motivates him to identify and explore the synergies between your personal health and physical abilities. He believes in maximising your health and wellbeing. Through this process you will be able to change the way you move, live, train, think, and eat so that you can perform your daily tasks at optimum levels of comfort.

So then, Matt’s Wellness solution comprises a range of CHIROPRACTIC health processes. There are clear and pre-defined steps of cognitive action that are worked out for you to prevent, limit or contain your injury and provide you with the best remedial cure possible.

Matt has spent his professional career in developing his SPECIALIST therapeutic and Chiropractic wellness program that helps you deal with most of life’s physical challenges. 

His 3-phased approach to CHIROPRACTIC CARE embraces:

Intervention, Prevention, and Remedy.

These are the central attributes of the WHAT, HOW and WHY of CHIROPRACTIC CARE.

Let’s dive right in and unpack what this all means.



This is without doubt one of the stand-out benefits of visiting a Chiropractor. You’ve probably heard the catchy song with the lyrics “the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone….”?

Well, that’s the essence of bodily care: the connections between our muscles, limbs, and nervous system are part of a perfect design for functionality and range of motion.

Chiropractic is a health profession and clinical practice “concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation.” [World Federation of Chiropractic]. This may include spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustments, osteopathic and physical therapy and chiropractic care that directly addresses symptoms such as chronic low back pain or acute low back pain with a host of pain management solutions for your overall well-being.

Think about it like this: If one part of the body stops functioning properly, then it inevitably has a knock-on effect to other parts of your body.

The process of INTERVENTION helps focus on these links, and provides us with the answers to questions?

  • What is causing my discomfort?
  • What steps should I take to sort it out?
  • What food or supplements should I be taking?
  • What exercises should I be doing?
  • What qualified medical advice should I follow?
  • What can I do to prevent my health deteriorating even further?

Broadly speaking there are 2 categories of INTERVENTION [Smith et al, 2015]:

Preventive interventions – these are early-detection or probability scenarios, designed to prevent the disease or injury from occurring or spreading and thus halting its progress.

Therapeutic interventions – this process starts once the disease or injury has manifested itself. In context of a Chiropractor, these interventions are a combination of processes designed to treat, mitigate, postpone or reduce the negative impacts of physical injury.

The process of INTERVENTION helps focus on the inter-links of our body and provides us with CHIROPRACTIC remedial action that is aimed to identify, repair and improve our general wellness.



Simply put: Chiropractic Care focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, to help alleviate symptoms and pains associated with your spine and joints.

Matt has developed a smart Functional Medicine Online Consultation that allows you to post your questions to him based on your initial “self-help” diagnosis. All you need to do is complete the Questionnaire by clicking here. Answering only a few questions will help Matt form a basic idea of your current challenges, assist in determining which Chiropractic Care solution best indicated for your treatment, and can help set you free from physical pain and discomfort.



Here’s how it works… Think of it as though you’ve bought a new car. Or even a secondhand car. Probably one of the first things you do is ask or check what the service intervals are, as maintenance is a vital component to vehicle longevity. Well, in the same way, our body is our vehicle, and for this reason we have been taught from an early age to visit our health care professionals regularly.

Chiropractic treatment has become more an essential service in our modern, demanding and stress-filled lifestyles.

Why then, does a chiropractic care work? Well for one thing, a chiropractor won’t prescribe medicine. They prescribe therapy, exercise and stretches. They deal with the root causes of your aches, pains, creaks and strains, with systematic reviews on how to fix these issues. It is a specialist level of service that most General Practitioners are unable to provide themselves. It’s all about giving you timeous intervention through your own personal wellness program designed to provide you with the preventative or effective cure for your physical challenges or injuries.

So why wait? All you have to do for your own peace of mind is to take a FREE online chiropractic needs assessment on Dr Matt Le Roux’s website today and take your first steps to develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your body and physical requirements.



INTERVENTIONS: Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox. 3rd edition. Smith PG, Morrow RH, Ross DA, editors. Oxford (UK): OUP Oxford; 2015 Jun 1.


Dr. Matt le Roux is a man of many talents: chiropractor, sports scientist and functional medicine practitioner. His science-based approach motivates him to explore the synergy between health and performance that changes the way you move, live, train, think, and eat.

Dr Matt le Roux

Chiropractor, Functional medicine practitioner

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