How sports chiropractic can help you achieve peak performance


If Eliud Kipchoge’s historic 1:59:40 marathon run shows us anything, it’s that humans are capable of incredible physical feats – when the conditions are right. If you’re an athlete pursuing your next personal best, needing to recover from injury, or simply want to ensure your body is peak-performance ready, sports chiropractic should form an important part of your training regime.

Here are four benefits of sports chiropractic for athletes:

1) Improves strength, balance and coordination
The right chiropractic adjustments and guidelines on good form and movement, give athletes the right framework and structure for optimal physical performance. Since the spinal column houses the nervous system, regular adjustments can help remove physical imbalances and improve sensory-motor function1.

The spine also plays an important role in anchoring major muscles throughout the body. Proper musculoskeletal function supports the body and improves range of motion, while enabling better balance and coordination.

2) Relieves pain, speeds up recovery
Athletes put their bodies under immense physical pressure and injuries are common. Regular chiropractic care can help relieve pain associated with injury and over-exertion, helping the body overcome stiffness in joints and regain normal range of motion, while supporting recovery2.

Often, the pain associated with an injury is directly linked to the body’s natural reaction of inflammation and muscle-guarding. When such responses persist long after the initial injury, they can hamper recovery. Chiropractic intervention can restore normal function faster after certain injuries – without prescription medication or invasive surgery.

3) Injury prevention
Sports injuries and joint and muscle strains are often related to poor form (often imbalances) or over-exertion. Sports chiropractors help athletes achieve and maintain the correct form, motion, coordination and balance in the body. Understanding when and how you can push your body, and when to stop are also essential factors in injury prevention.

4) Holistic support
Using the functional medicine approach in our practice, we help to support athletes in reaching their peak performance not only through chiropractic adjustments, but also through lifestyle and training. Based on your specific goals and needs, we can help advise on the best regime, including lifestyle and dietary recommendations to support you in your training goals.

At le Roux Chiropractic we use an integrated approach of gentle joint and soft tissue procedures, electro-physical therapy, dry needling, rehabilitation exercises and dietary prescription.

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Dr. Matt le Roux is a man of many talents: chiropractor, sports scientist and functional medicine practitioner. His science-based approach motivates him to explore the synergy between health and performance that changes the way you move, live, train, think, and eat.

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