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Elevate your game with Sports Chiropractic

How does Dr Matt le Roux achieve this?

Dr. Matt le Roux follows a combined approach of gentle joint and soft tissue procedures, electro-physical therapy, dry needling, rehabilitation exercises and a dietary prescription.


Chiropractic and functional medicine are covered by most health insurance providers. We do not do direct billing but we do supply you with the claim forms so you can claim yourself. Please contact your provider for details of your specific cover as this may vary.

What to expect during your first consultation?

Your chiropractor will thoroughly review your health history and your presenting case to determine that you are in the right place and that we can help you.
This will be followed by a thorough examination.
Some tests may be required including X-rays or blood tests.
We will then devise a care plan to suit your needs.

Common conditions Chiropractors cure

Neck Pain
Back Pain
Shoulder Pain

Athletes from all sports are welcome

Athletes involved in contact sports

(Rugby, AFL, Soccer, MMA, Hockey) Sports chiropractic can improve recovery and increase joint range of motion, which can prevent injuries.

Endurance athletes

CrossFit athletes, track and field athletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes.
Joint, tendon and muscle pain is very common in endurance athletes. Sports chiropractic can help with assessment and treatment.

How can you as an athlete benefit from sports chiropractic?

Chiropractic helps to:

  • Increase range of motion.
  • Improve blood flow and posture.
  • Quicken your recovery time after a sports event or training session.

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